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Steep & Brew Is Coffee Done Right!

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Steep & Brew Is Coffee Done Right!

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Steep & Brew Is Coffee Done Right!

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Steep & Brew Is Coffee Done Right!

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Steep & Brew Is Coffee Done Right!

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COVID-19 Response

The Corona Virus has been and will be affecting how we live our lives into the near future.

At Steep and Brew Coffee, we are taking every necessary precaution in our work environment and with our employees to ensure their safety, as well as the safe handling of our products.

The closings of schools & businesses are affecting how we all conduct our daily lives and will have an impact on how we all are able to conduct business.

Currently, Steep and Brew Coffee has no plans to close. We may see a delay in processes and shipping due to less staff who are out dealing with the closing of schools & daycares, as well as other issues that are arising from this pandemic.

We have seen a large increase in orders for home delivery and with less staffing at this time there will be a longer turnaround time for orders to be processed and shipped out. Please know that your loyalty and orders are important to us and we are working hard to fill them, but your order may take more than a week to leave our facility. Please know that this could change at any time, but we will continue to provide updates as needed.

Sincerely Steep & Brew Coffee Crew

Elizabeth Fackler
Office Administrator & Client Relations Specialist
P: 608-223-4004

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