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Cafe Fair Guatemalan Ground 12 oz

Smooth and light with good brightness. The Beaujolais of coffees is fully certified.

Certifications: 100% Organic, Fairtrade America, Bird Friendly, Kosher,





Smooth and light with good brightness. The Beaujolais of coffees is fully certified. Contains no allergens. Shade Grown!

Coffee Bean Certifications: Certified Organic, Fairtrade America, SMBC Bird Friendly, & Kosher.

Vacuum Sealed bag.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Package size 10/12oz bag
Roast Type Medium Roast
decaf No
Flavored Non-Flavored
Special Type No


Customer Reviews (3)

The BEST!!!Review by Ron
I absolutely insist on grinding my own beans at home right before brewing a pot of coffee, as I found that one practice to be extremely beneficial in regards to enjoying a superior cup. A lot of whole bean brands I used to buy are now only available as pre-ground, and so I simply refuse to buy them. But the practice of selling pre-ground coffee has become so widespread, that I was starting to despair that I wouldn't be able to grind my own beans any longer. While trying, in vain, to find a bag of whole beans at my local Jewel grocery store, I happened across a Cafe Fair display in the produce section, and was happy to see several bags of whole bean coffee for sale. I had never heard of Cafe Fair before, so decided to try a bag of Guatemalan. The results have been spectacular! Quite simply, the best tasting cup of coffee I've ever brewed at home. Now Cafe Fair is pretty much all I buy. At the end of the day, a coffee lives or dies in my home based on taste, and taste alone. Cafe Fair greatly exceeds my expectations in this regard, and as long as they supply bags of whole beans, I will keep buying.
01/11/16 01:11 PM
(Posted on 4/5/2018)
Good CoffeeReview by Sheena
This coffee was as described.
It is smooth and LIGHT.
05/22/08 12:00 AM
(Posted on 4/5/2018)
Love It!Review by Denise
I have tried many coffees now that I grind my own at home and this one is my favorite as of right now. Very smooth, not bitter at all. Love it!
05/30/13 12:00 AM
(Posted on 4/5/2018)

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