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Organic and Fairtrade

We offer Café Fair Coffee - Organic, Eco-Friendly, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees. Steep and Brew was the first coffee retailer in the United States to be certified Fairtrade in 1997, and is proud to be a Fairtrade Certified coffee roaster.

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About Café Fair Coffee

Café Fair was developed to help support our growers, and their workers and communities. We have collaborated with reputable organizations such as Fairtrade International and the Rainforest AllianceTM to help us  accomplish our mission.

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Café Fair Coffee Certifications

Many coffee roasters claim to sell Fair Trade coffee, but unlike Café Fair Coffee, few are actually certified. We provide a chart listing each of our coffees and the organizations that certify them.

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Bird Friendly Coffees

Café Fair offers organic shade grown Bird Friendly coffees, available in whole bean or your grind selection.

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