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Steep & Brew was founded in 1979 in Madison, WI as a place to gather with friends and an alternative to the bar scene. The small cafe offered steeped whole leaf tea and fresh brewed coffee - hence the company name. Soon Mark Ballering came across a small 19th century Italian roaster, and began roasting at his Cafe on Williamson Street in madison. By the early 80's Steep & Brew had established it's flagship cafe on State Street, continuing to roast at the original location. Over the next few decades, despite our continued growth and expansion into several different channels, we have not forgotten our humble roots. Still owned and operated by Mark Ballering, we still offer whole leaf tea and an ever expanding choice of fresh roasted coffee, including sustainable organic coffees. Steep & Brew remains involved in our community, and is as focused on quality today as we were when Mark purchased his original roaster 35 years ago.

Steep & Brew Coffee Cup

Steep & Brew Coffee - Premium Arabica Coffees from Around The World!

Like a fine wine, the flavor of a coffee can be influenced by the part of the world in which it is grown, the elevation of the coffee farm, and even the type of soil. From the tangy, lively flavors of Costa Rican coffee to the bright, sparkling taste of Kona coffee, to the smokey, tangy taste of a classic French Roast, Steep & Brew Coffee brings you a sampling of distinctive coffee roasts from the far reaches of the globe.

"Steep & Brew Coffee's Master Roaster selects from among the finest coffee beans. Select beans, combined with precision roasting, and adherence to strict brewing requirements ensure that our coffees deliver an adventurous experience for even the most discriminating coffee consumers.

. Steep and Brew Coffee Beans

We Use Only Select Beans

The quality of any coffee starts with the bean. There are two very different types of coffee beans. Arabica beans grow at a high altitude, are handpicked, and produce the finest, most flavorful coffees. In contrast, Robusta beans are grown at a lower altitude, can be machine harvested, and are therefore significantly cheaper. Robusta beans are generally used as filler in many mass-produced coffee, such as canned grocery store varieties. Steep & Brew uses only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans available, carefully selected by Steep & Brew's Master Roaster. Each shipment of beans received is tested before it is accepted for roasting by Steep and Brew.

Steep & Brew Beans Being Roasted


Our Roasting Process

If you've ever made peanut brittle, you've probably tasted raw peanuts and noticed how they don't taste anything like roasted peanuts. Likewise, unroasted coffee beans are green, hard, tasteless, and do not even hint of the rich character locked within. Roasting develops the full flavor and aroma of each coffee bean. From citrus overtones, to chocolaty richness, to lingering floral notes, each bean harbors a complex personality that the roasting process gently fosters and brings to life.

Our Master Coffee Roaster has a trained understanding of both the artistic and scientific complexities of this process and has years of experience producing award-winning coffees. This ensures that you will enjoy a consistently exquisite cup of Steep & Brew coffee every time.

Steep & Brew's Mark Ballering cupping coffee

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Café Fair Coffee

Café Fair Coffee was developed in the 1990s as an Organic Fairtrade coffee brands dedicated to supporting sustainable practices. 

Café Fair only buys from small farmers who practice eco-friendly farming and treat their workers well. We help to support improvements in the communities near the farms 
where Café Fair Coffee is harvested. To this end, we have collaborated with reputable organizations such as Fairtrade International and The Rainforest Alliance to help accomplish this mission. In addition, Café Fair also buys bird friendly coffees that are grown on trees planted in the canopy of existing forests, protecting native and migratory birds and wildlife. 

Only by providing decent wages and practicing conscientious environmental farming will truly sustainable agriculture flourish.
Café Fair hopes to provide you the assurance that we are meeting our commitment as the Socially Responsible coffee that you want in your cup.